Construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) is the champion waste stream in the MRC d’Argenteuil. Indeed, the MRC’s 2015 report shows that the quantity of CRD material collected at our ecocentres has increased by 250% in 5 years! Many residents use this service, resulting in the diversion of almost 2,500 metric tons from the landfill.

Did you know?

CRD waste is mostly generated by road and public infrastructure work as well as the building sector. An increasing market for recycled aggregates is giving a new life to these materials. Green buildings promote waste reduction on the construction site and the reuse or recycling of CRD waste. More and more companies are specializing in the resale of used moldings, doors, stained glass windows, etc., which have style or a vintage look.

What can you take to the Ecocentre?

The materials accepted may vary from one ecocentre to another. To find out what construction and renovation waste is accepted at your ecocentre, visit your municipality’s page.

Construction Materials

  • - Wood
  • - Asphalt
  • - Shingles
  • - Brick
  • - Metals
  • - Stone

Floor Covering

  • - Ceramic
  • - Carpet
  • - Linoleum

Not accepted at the ecocentre ?

Consult your municipality’s page to find out exactly what types of CRD materials are not accepted at your ecocentre.

- Asbestos
- Construction materials in the commercial sector
- Contaminated soil

Tips and Advice for CRD Waste

  • You must sort your CRD waste into categories before delivering it to the ecocentre, otherwise the attendant may refuse to accept it.
  • Entrepreneurs and businesses are generally not allowed to use municipal ecocentres.
  • Deconstruction and the reuse of materials during renovation leads to waste reduction at the source.