Appliances, Furniture, Mattresses

Large or bulky items that are too big to be placed in the bin, such as old mattresses, are picked up by your municipality and transported to the landfill. You can also check whether your municipal ecocentre acts as a recycling depot, offering a second life to old furniture, stoves etc.

Did You Know?

Some objects may be too heavy or too large for easy handling. The following items are generally refused during the bulky item pickup:


Electronics (televisions, sound systems, etc.)

Propane tanks

Landscaping debris (cement, stone, turf, soil, wood, stumps, asphalt, sand, gravel)

Construction materials, wood, plywood

Toxic products, paint and hazardous household waste (HHW)

Tires without rims

Window panes

What can you take to the Ecocentre?

The materials accepted may vary from one ecocentre to another. To find out what bulky items are accepted at your ecocentre, visit your municipality’s page.

(Upholstered or Not)

  • - Couch
  • - Armchair
  • - Mattress
  • - Bedspring
  • - Table
  • - Love seat
  • - Chairs


  • - Freezers
  • - Stoves
  • - Dishwasher
  • - Washing machine
  • - Refrigerators (Freon Free)
  • - Dryers


  • - Garden furniture
  • - Water heater

Not Accepted By Curbside Pickup

Consult your municipality’s page to find out how to dispose of these items.

- Construction materials
- Tires
- Electronics: computers, televisions, mobile phones
- Propane tanks

Tips and Advice for Bulky Items

  • If the item is still in good condition, try posting it on a classified advertising website, donate it to a charitable organization, or check whether your municipal ecocentre will accept it.
  • The schedule for leaving your bulky items our for curbside pickup is governed by municipal bylaw.