Drop-Off Sites

ntains information on how to dispose of materials that are not picked up by the regular curbside collection. You can also visit the page of your municipality to find out what services are offered in your area.

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This includes: clothing, shoes, accessories (hats, scarves, bags, etc.), bed linens, curtains.
Items must be clean and in good condition.
If there is no textile collection service available in your municipality, these items are accepted at many non-profit or community organizations across Argenteuil. Check with nearby municipalities for options.


These include: expired medications (tablets, syrups, creams, ointments), used syringes
If this service is not offered in your municipality, you can take these items to your local pharmacy for disposal. All pharmacies accept expired medications, free of charge.





To find out collection dates or the services offered at your ecocentre, or for more information about waste management, visit your home municipality’s page.